Bicycle Tune-up Service

Our Service Techs are committed to fast quality service on any brand of bicycle. We do our best to maintain a 48-hour turnaround but please keep in mind that sometimes we might not have that special part in stock.

Why get a tune up?


Our trained and certified mechanics have kept our customers riding for over 40 years.


Call us for Pick-Up and Delivery in Southaven, Germantown or Memphis.


We do our best to maintain a 48-hour turnaround!

Tune Up Pricing & Information


Standard Tune Up

  • Inspection, lubrication, and precision adjustment of brakes, derailleurs and bearing assemblies.
  • Adjust lateral, radial, and dish of wheels.
  • Check torque on all bolts.
  • Clean bike.

Tune Up Plus

  • For frequent bike riders who want snappy shifting and whisper quiet operation.
  • Includes everything from the standard tune up in addition to:
  • Comprehensive cleaning of derailleurs, chain, cassette and chainrings.


  • Winter is a great time to bring your bike(s) in for an overhaul.
  • Includes a thorough tear down of the bike to bare frame including inspection, disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly, and adjustment of all components.
  • Cables and housing are included.

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